What to Expect – RH Charlotte

What to Expect

The Bible says that when His people gather, God shows up. And over the years, we have seen that when God shows up, lives are changed.

Here are some things that mark our weekend gatherings and some of the ways we worship Him together:


We have a primary value of studying the Bible together each weekend. We believe the Scriptures are the inspired word of God, filled with truths to build our lives and church upon, and as we study them, God leads us to a better understanding of who He is, who He says we are, and what our place is in this epic story He is writing.

The way we approach teaching at RH is one of the things that makes our church unique. Here at RH, we place a tremendous value on team, and this is reflected in our teaching philosophy. Instead of focusing on any one person, we have a team of several people, all trained and equipped as teachers, who regularly teach our communities from God’s word. This includes our lead pastor, all our campus pastors, and other leaders that God has gifted and equipped.


Each weekend, there is a lot of music in our services. It’s how we usually begin our time together, to focus our minds and hearts on Whom we have gathered to celebrate. More than just music, songs of worship are prayers of thanks, awe, need, and devotion that prepare our hearts to be changed.


The creative arts are a vital part of expressing who God is and telling the story of His work in our lives, our church, and our world. Through a variety of performances, galleries, and workshops, our weekends often utilize creativity to point out the wonder of God.


We create space in our services to worship God by giving of our finances. We do this for a few different reasons. First and foremost, He commands it in the Scriptures, and we want to be people who live lives of obedience. Secondly, we believe He is the One who has given us everything we have, and this is a way for us to respond to His faithfulness to us. Lastly, we want to be people that are open-handed with our resources so that others will come to know Him. God doesn’t just give us gifts for our own sake but so that we will use them to make His Name great in Charlotte and beyond.

Response/Holy Spirit

As we seek God together, we ask that His Spirit would reveal Himself to us. When God does that, we want to respond to Him. This response can happen in many different ways: sometimes we might invite people forward and ask our prayer team to minister to them; other times, we sit still in reverence; other times, we reach out our hands for God.


Each week, following our study of God’s word, we take time to respond to what we’ve heard through prayer.

Sometimes, we simply sit quietly, allowing space for God’s Spirit to speak to us individually. At other times we may be given an opportunity to pray together as a community. There are always people from within our church community who are available to pray with and for anyone who would like prayer for something specific. They are available during or after each service near the front of the stage or at the response stations in the back.

Find Out More

To learn more about why and how we celebrate Jesus each each weekend, visit rockharbor.org.