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Giving & Stewardship

Opportunities for charity are everywhere, and there are plenty of credible places to give. In fact, you might think ROCKHARBOR is just another one of them. To us, one thing is different. Our giving isn’t about charity.

It’s about worship.

God instructs us, through the Bible, to give regularly, generously and sacrificially out of all that He gives us—all as part of our worship of Him. What an appropriate response to who He is and all He has done…an expression of gratitude, obedience, and reverence: worship.

But, why give money to the church? Because it’s “the right thing to do”? or, it’s good tax write-off? God needs it? The church expects it?

Well, to put it simply, it’s what God says to do.

Not because God needs what we have. But because we need to give it. What we do with what we have directs our heart. Giving to God reminds us that He has given us everything we have, and can be counted on to meet every need we will ever have. And The Church is His plan, through Jesus, to reconcile the world to himself. To bring healing through relationships, to support one another and encourage one another. So we give, to advance the gospel through His ministry.


If you are part of the ROCKHARBOR church family, there are several ways that you can give.

Give OnlineClick Here to Give Online | Online giving is a great way to set up a reoccurring or one-time gift to the church. You can set up an account in just 3 simple steps!

Text | 704-769-2600 | Our newest way to give is by mobile phone. Text any dollar amount to 704-769-2600 and follow the link to set up your credit or debit card to complete the transaction.  Once you complete the initial set-up, your phone number will be associated with your account allowing you to give through your phone any time. Be sure to save the number in your phone to make it easy to find.

Mail | We still do things the old fashion way if you’d like to mail a check. If you’d like to mail a check, send it to ROCKHARBOR’s main office in Orange County.

ROCKHARBOR Charlotte Giving
3095 Red Hill Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 384-0914

If you are interested in making a non-cash donation to ROCKHARBOR (i.e. stock, land, vehicle, equipment), please contact our Business Director, Bryan Wilkins.