Third Wednesday – RH Charlotte

Third Wednesday


Third Wednesday is one day, specifically set apart each month, to slow down from our daily routine to seek God more intentionally. This posture of prayer, fasting, and worship has found its way into our monthly rhythm since Fall 2008 and is a day not to be missed. Together, we strive to set aside our busy-ness and passionately seek Him for our lives, our church, our friends, families and our communities.

Here’s how it works for ROCKHARBOR Charlotte


Spend intentional time with God. Seek Him in whatever ways you experience His presence. If you’d like to receive regular text reminders, click here. You’ll receive a text about every two hours to orient your focus on God through His Word, prayer or personal reflection. Pray, journal, worship, and fast wherever you are in any spare moments you can find.


We collectively gather together from 7-9pm to passionately worship God and pray for specific needs of our local churches, our communities, and individual lives. There is also space and time to wait expectantly for God to minister to us in the ways that only He can, along with people available to pray with you in times of need and crisis. We relish the opportunity to worship with men and women from various local expressions of the Church – if you’re a part of a local church and want to participate in Third Wednesday, please contact Thaddeus.

Before you start the day, during your breaks, in-between classes or appointments, while the kids are at school, and to end the day…

Pray. Fast. Seek God.


Visit our calendar for specific location details for Third Wednesday.

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