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Our Story

Started in Costa Mesa, California in 1997, ROCKHARBOR is a Bible-based, Spirit-led, multi-generational church of communities following Jesus to as we worship, pray, and love others in Orange County and beyond.

The vision for ROCKHARBOR began with a pioneering pastor and team from Mariners Church in Irvine, California. They dreamed of an authentic, adventurous community of Christ-followers based in Costa Mesa that would engage disconnected people with the true message and genuine expression of God’s love.

From our first weekend celebration service, ROCKHARBOR’s personality began to emerge—one shaped by volunteerism, flexibility, creativity, energy, a passion for worship, and more. Clearly God was working, and at a faster pace than ever imagined by the church planting team. Our search for additional ministry space began before ROCKHARBOR officially existed—and continued for more than seven years until God opened the doors in 2004 to a warehouse in east Costa Mesa that has become our first centralized, full-use ministry hub.

Our Central space became a training ground for many young leaders, pastors and ministers, each finding their unique calling and gifting as they lived out the gospel in community. And from this space in 2009, we launched a young and excited team from within RH, to start a new church in Long Beach, called The Garden. We have also raised up new campuses in Mission Viejo, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Orange, and now, Charlotte, N.C…and since then, we have become a church of many communities.

God has continued to bring a steady stream of new leaders, teams, and ministries. Spaces throughout Orange County have been transformed into “church” in many forms. We’ve gathered in homes, coffee shops, warehouses, tents, shopping centers, and countless other places to tell and be the stories of how God is transforming lives. We’ve also become a hands-on church where ministry is initiated, led, and carried out by teams of volunteers.

As we’ve experienced seasons of transition, stretching, and dependence, God has taught and reminded us that His church is led by Christ alone. Modeling dependence, our Elder Team and pastoral leadership continually strive to seek God’s direction for ROCKHARBOR.

From the beginning we’ve been part of a much bigger story than our own—God’s global movement called the Church. ROCKHARBOR’s story is still being written by God’s creative hand. Each person we meet—including you—becomes a part of this story and changes it through who they are.