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About Us

ROCKHARBOR is a church of communities following Jesus as we worship, pray, and love others in Charlotte and Beyond.


Several years ago, we learned the best way to expand the Kingdom of God is not by building larger sanctuaries or adding more weekend services. It’s by launching new gospel communities in places that desperately need Jesus. ROCKHARBOR is a church of multiple campuses, several global partnerships, and hundreds of Life Groups both locally and across the world.


We are about Jesus. He’s the one true God, the reason for our hope, and our love come down. He did not come into this world just to give out tickets to heaven. He came to revolutionize our thinking and our way of life. We desire to follow Him beyond  what’s safe or comfortable and join Him as He continues to make all things new. 


We are a church marked by worship. WE recognize and declare God’s holiness and our utter dependence on Him. More than singing songs, we respond by giving Him what He deserves: our attention, our recognition, our hears, our minds, and our lives.


We are a praying church committed to the notion that prayer changes things. Prayer is not something confined to a pastor on a church stage one day each week. Instead, the invitation to pray is for God’s people to embrace a life that’s in regular communion with Him.


We believe in Jesus’ words that the greatest commandments is to love. As we experience His love for us, we are compelled outward to showcase that love tangibly to the world in word, deed, action, and truth.


The call to worship, pray, and love others has implications both locally and globally. We desire to fearlessly follow Jesus in our own homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, and cities. Equally so, we desire to see His Kingdom come in opposite corners of the globe as well as everywhere in between.